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Nov 24, 2014: SOH seeks support to help protect communities

Nov 1, 2014: Residents contest Jet environmental ruling

July 1, 2014: Dept of Environmental protection reviews Jet plan

March 1, 2014: Details of Jet expansion plan are provided

Nov 16, 2013: New expansion plans at Hanscom cause concern

Oct 10, 2012: Celebration of transfer of Barrett's Farm to Park

Dec 4, 2011: Protests of tax loopholes for private luxury aircraft

April 10, 2011: New aviation service at Hanscom met with protest

March 10, 2011: New Federal initiative proposed to protect historic area

Aug 17, 2010: Communities appeal FAA decision on Hanscom Expansion

July 31, 2010: Congressional visit for Barrett Farm Celebration

Jan 10, 2010: Historic hangar threatened with demolition

Aug 10, 2009: Congressional delegation appeals to FAA

April 8,2009: Patriots day weekend event celebrates federal legislation on Barrett's Farm

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Map of Landmarks


Minute Man National Historical Park

Where the American Revolution began


Barrett's Farm

A Save Our Heritage Project.  The reason the British came to Concord on April 19th.


Walden Woods

Historic woods surrounding Walden Pond


Walden Pond

The birthplace of the Environmental Movement.


Orchard House

Home of the Alcotts and the setting for "Little Women"


Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge

Migration site for millions of birds, one of the great bird watching sites in America


The North Bridge

Where the "shot heard round the world" was fired.



And Hundreds of sites on the National Register of Historic Places

A living history of the Revolution, the Colonial Period, and the lives of many great American authors

Our Vision:


That State and Federal designations are enacted recognizing the historical and environmental significance of this area.  To achieve permanent protections for the national historical, cultural, and environmental resources in the Massachusetts towns of Concord, Bedford, Lincoln, and Lexington in order to prevent their gradual degradation by pollution, noise, and development.





The Threat:


These landmarks have been declared one of the "11 Most Endangered Historic Places in America" by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, and designated a "Last Chance Landscape" by Scenic America.  According to these organizations, the primary threat is the expansion and commercialization of the Airport at Hanscom Field, which is located adjacent to these irreplaceable resources (not to be confused with Hanscom Air Force Base, a valued partner to the communities).  The potential traffic, noise, development, and pollution generated by the airport would overwhelm and permanently change the character of the area and will deprive future generations the experience of visiting, learning from, and enjoying these national landmarks.  A number of well known historians and environmentalists provide compelling arguments for why we need to protect these resources.







Photos by Rod Nordbloom

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